Nigerian startup DokiLink, an online platform that allows users to find doctors and book appointments with them.

DokiLink is a platform that allows Nigerian doctors to connect with each other, seek opinions and collaborate on medical issues. It also allows users to find medical specialists and book appointments with them.

The platform makes it very easy for users to connect with medical doctors. Using a slew of interesting features, DokiLink allows Nigerians to find specialists they want or need in any state in the country.

The platform uses interesting personalised and customizable calendars to allow users to fix appointments with doctors. When users find the specialist they need, they see a calendar by the side. Decked in blue and grey, users can fix an appointment by themselves from the days on the calendar. Free days are colored in blue on the calendar. When an appointment is booked, the space is “locked” and a notification is sent to that doctor.

At DokiLink, doctors are able to share the interesting cases they have handled with each other. This leads to a greater awareness among doctors of the treatment options available locally

Niyi Osamiluyi, founder of DokiLink.
Meet DokiLink, a HealthTech Platform Tackling Nigeria’s Medical Tourism Problem

We believe that an important way of reducing medical tourism is increasing visibility and connectivity among doctors and other medical practitioners.

Launched in 2013, the platform now has over 11,000 registered doctors on its platform.

The platform makes its revenue via commissions on booked appointments. DokiLink has also pivoted and now does recruitment for hospitals as well.

It expects things to pick up over the next few years as it plans an expansion into other African countries.